Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unexpected Weekend & Halloween Decor

My sweet friend invited me to join her in a craft fair booth this past Saturday. Fortunately, I had some items ready to go that I was planning to take to the craft fair I am participating on Oct. 29th. Her stuff is soo stinkin'cute!!! Beautiful flower clips and the cutest tutu's I've ever seen. I'm so upset that I forgot to take pictures.

Well, we both had some sales and learned a lot about business. Three words: Location, Location, Location meaning not in El Paso. I'm hoping to break even when I finish up with the next craft event.

I'm planning on buying some of my friends stuff because I can't resist the cuteness and I know how much work goes into crafting and I am plum tuckered out from my own projects.

Here is my Halloween decor made be me:

I stopped by my daughter's room to take peek Saturday night and found she had fallen asleep with her finger in her nose (got tired of digging for gold). It made my day.

Can't wait to use it as black mail when she becomes a crazy teenager.

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