Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here is my fall decor that has to come down because Halloween will be here soon. Will show Halloween decor as Part 2 of this post.

Pattern from Pine Needles.

I'm so proud of this find. I saw this exact lantern in a Pottery Barn catalog last fall for $40. I went to Wal-mart and found these two lanterns in an abandoned shopping cart. They were all dusty and on clearance for $4.00!!! Click here and compare.
Got this owl from Hobby lobby. I'm really into cute owls right now.

I have finally been bitten by the sewing bug. I have been busy the past two weeks. I made my mom a fall runner with fabric she purchased a year ago (told you I'm behind on my list). It's a big one for her formal dining table. I still need to finish the binding.

Then, my sister informed me that my niece's school is hosting a fall festival. Mel talked me into trying to sell some of my homemade goods so I've been madly using my sewing machine in preparation for this event.

Here is a peek to what I've been up to.

I know, the house is a wreak. My hubby has been very patient with the clutter.

I'm nervous about this craft fair for a few reasons. I don't know if my stuff will sell here. I imagine craft fairs in other places go well because people love boutique, homemade goods and are willing to dish for them. El Pasoans, not so much. It's a border town where people buy knock off items really cheap in Mexico or downtown.

If you want to have a garage sale, El Paso is the place you want to be. People are knocking at your door 6:00 a.m. even when the ad posted says 7:00 a.m. It's great because people buy your knick knacks that you want to goodwill/D.I. anyway so you pocket some decent cash.

However, the problem is whether new or used, name brand or not they are only willing to pay little for anything and are notorious for bargaining. Hopefully, I will break even. honor of Jeff Foxworthy

You might be an El Pasoan if you think everything should be free or at the very most 25 cents.

You might be an El Pasoan if you think stop signs and stop lights are only for people who have time to wait on them.

You might be an El Pasoan if you think it's okay to drive 35 mph on the freeway and 50 mph through school zones.

You might be an El Pasoan if you think good customer service is overrated.

You might be an El Pasoan if you take your entire family, kids, cousins, uncles, aunts, & grandparents all at the same time to a trip to Wal-mart.

No matter what time of day or day of the week or even day of the year you go to Wal-mart and the parking lot is full like it's Chrismas Eve, you might live in El Paso!!!

These comments are all in good fun. Please do not take offense cuz I am an El Pasoan!!!:)