Sunday, October 10, 2010

The softest clothes on Earth

I once read a blog where a mom put a ton of spaghetti down her garbage disposal and it broke. I thought, "thanks for sharing I'll remember not to do that". So I felt I should share my Saturday mishap so that maybe you wouldn't make the same mistake but more than likely most you are less absentminded than I am.

So I've been potty training my youngest and we've had quite a few accidents this week. I rinse out the soiled panties and pants and set them on the dryer until I have a load ready. I was in such a hurry Saturday morning and there was a huge pile that I just swiped it all into the washer and started the load. When the washing machine was finished I took out the clothes and saw this.

Apparently, the entire box of dryer sheets was swiped along with the pile of clothes. Here is a pic of what the floor looked like when I shook out the clothes.

All the dryer sheets in the garbage.
So the lesson here is don't leave your box of dryer sheets on top of the dryer.

My to do list

#1 Purchase some dryer sheets

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