Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All you need is love,

Sweetheart pants, and yummy sugar cookies for an awesome Valentines Day!!! Got this idea from Toad's Teasure and my brain kept saying, "Yummy sugar cookies, must make!" So my daughter and I spent Saturday afternoon making sugar cookie bouquets for Valentines Day.

My girls sharing their new found hiding spot before church on Sunday.

Valentines Day. A pic of my girls getting ready for the activities planned for the day.

And what have I been up to? Making these fun "Sweetheart Pants" by Pink Fig Patterns! I love them! So simple and very easy to make. Great for beginners and fun for expert sewers. This is a must have pattern.

These girls are crazy about their pockets.

She makes funny faces like her mom.
Let's just end this post with some sweetness.

Friday, February 11, 2011


My first batch of homemade soap
My sister-in-law and nephew came from Boston to visit us for the Holidays. She was kind to take time to teach me how to make soap. She makes the most amazing soaps. They smell oh so good and they feel so good on your body. I can lather it on my legs and get a good shave using just this soap!

To begin with, we started out on a search for lye in El Paso. It is only sold at Ace Hardward on Doniphan. I had no idea making soap involved a knowledge of chemistry. I admit, I got scared when I purchased the lye and it had a pic of a skull and bones on the back indicating that it is toxic and can cause blindness. I thought, what am I getting into?

We locked the kiddos away from the kitchen and got to work. The mixing of the lye and oils did not take long but the tracing is what took patience since I lacked other ingredients that expedite the process of tracing. But patience paid off and a couple days later it traced and we put it in a mold to cure. It is still curing but in the late stages. I am so excited to try it and have learned a few things.

1) I appreciate it even more when my sister-in-law gives me her already made amazing soap knowing the labor that goes into it.
2)Making soap can cause blindness!!!!Harsh huh?
3)I should have paid attention in chemistry class.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miss Gunny

Meet Miss Gunny. She eats toys that are left on the floor before bedtime. When she eats a toy once she will eventually spit it out but the second time it is permanently consumed. It has been a big help in our house. Finally, my four year old is picking up her toys. She used to always complain and whine that her backs hurts or legs are incapable of moving.

Miss Gunny, I hope you work for long haul in our home.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something to finally blog about

It feels so good to have something to show. This is a customized order that is overdue. Do you remember the hooded towels I sold in October for the school craft shows? My friend ask me to customize two for her and suggested some twicking and embellishing. Here are the results.

What do you think?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion show in the Snow

BBBRRR!!! It has reached below zero in El Paso which is pretty extreme for us. This bad winter storm has been one big headache. Our electricty has been out 3-4 times each day since Wednesday. The city has had problems with gas pressure so we were also without heat on Wednesday. With the electricity going on and off, the heat has also been on and off at times but we are bundling up and trying our best to stay warm.

During our days spent at home, I decided to have my girl's barbies model their new clothes for Christmas. My friend Amy designs modest clothing for Barbie and I love it! The quality is better than clothing from the store and entails more fabric to cover the entire Barbie, not just 1/4 of it. Her business is doing well. She had back orders for Christmas and you can bet that anything listed in her etsy shop is gone within 24 hours of posting. Read her blog to find out about her current work load and opperation of orders.

The line up.

I love these funky pants. Wish I had a pair.

This heart dress is a winner! My girls fight over this dress.

I love this red dress! Wish it was in my size.

I love all the outfits and the workmanship is great! I can't imagine running little pieces of fabric through a machine and getting these results. Check out her blog to find out more if you are interested. At least check it out for some eye candy.