Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion show in the Snow

BBBRRR!!! It has reached below zero in El Paso which is pretty extreme for us. This bad winter storm has been one big headache. Our electricty has been out 3-4 times each day since Wednesday. The city has had problems with gas pressure so we were also without heat on Wednesday. With the electricity going on and off, the heat has also been on and off at times but we are bundling up and trying our best to stay warm.

During our days spent at home, I decided to have my girl's barbies model their new clothes for Christmas. My friend Amy designs modest clothing for Barbie and I love it! The quality is better than clothing from the store and entails more fabric to cover the entire Barbie, not just 1/4 of it. Her business is doing well. She had back orders for Christmas and you can bet that anything listed in her etsy shop is gone within 24 hours of posting. Read her blog to find out about her current work load and opperation of orders.

The line up.

I love these funky pants. Wish I had a pair.

This heart dress is a winner! My girls fight over this dress.

I love this red dress! Wish it was in my size.

I love all the outfits and the workmanship is great! I can't imagine running little pieces of fabric through a machine and getting these results. Check out her blog to find out more if you are interested. At least check it out for some eye candy.

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  1. Awww! Thanks, Darling, for the tribute! I love to see them being played with.