Friday, February 11, 2011


My first batch of homemade soap
My sister-in-law and nephew came from Boston to visit us for the Holidays. She was kind to take time to teach me how to make soap. She makes the most amazing soaps. They smell oh so good and they feel so good on your body. I can lather it on my legs and get a good shave using just this soap!

To begin with, we started out on a search for lye in El Paso. It is only sold at Ace Hardward on Doniphan. I had no idea making soap involved a knowledge of chemistry. I admit, I got scared when I purchased the lye and it had a pic of a skull and bones on the back indicating that it is toxic and can cause blindness. I thought, what am I getting into?

We locked the kiddos away from the kitchen and got to work. The mixing of the lye and oils did not take long but the tracing is what took patience since I lacked other ingredients that expedite the process of tracing. But patience paid off and a couple days later it traced and we put it in a mold to cure. It is still curing but in the late stages. I am so excited to try it and have learned a few things.

1) I appreciate it even more when my sister-in-law gives me her already made amazing soap knowing the labor that goes into it.
2)Making soap can cause blindness!!!!Harsh huh?
3)I should have paid attention in chemistry class.

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