Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodies from St. George

We just got back from visiting family and friends in St. George. We had a wonderful time despite our girls getting very sick towards the end of our visit. Unfortunately, it has gone full circle. Me on the ride home and now my husband. I did get to do a little shopping and really enjoyed it. There is a place called Lazy Daisy Cottage that carries wonderful fabric, patterns, and boutique jewelry. It is located on a street of old houses that have been converted into businesses. It is so cute! The customer service was great!

Below is a pic of fabric that I have and I purchased another coordinating fabric to go with it that is on the bottom of the pic.

Again, coordinating fabric. I purchased the above orange fabric to go with the below blue fabric.

This was a freebie fat quarter of fabric for making a purchase at Lazy Daisy Cottage. It also came with a free pattern to make a bag out of 6 six fat quarters. Check out their blog, it's so cute!!

This fabric came in a kit to make a Pillowcase Dress.

I bought this fabric to make another pillow case dress.

These are cute flower clips that can be worn in the hair made from fabric. I bought some because I hope to make some of my own.

Last, a beautiful Barbie dress that my friend Amy made and gave me. She has an etsy shop called Modest Barbie Style. Check out her blog. She makes Modest clothing for Barbies. I have reconsidered having Barbie in the home now that I can purchase Modest clothing for her. Her work is superb!! The clothing she sews is very detailed!! You may think it is easy to sew for Barbie but it's not. She has already worked out the kinks with many trial and error pieces. Barbies hips are very wide and she can make pants for Barbie that don't show her butt crack when she is sitting down. I wish they made pants like that for us grown-up women.

She's even created Barbie's unmentionables. Oops! I just mentioned them.

I checked at Target and they charge $5.00 an outfit for Barbie that is made from cheap material and there is a lack of material. I think the pricing at Modest Barbie is very reasonable, especially since I have seen the work that goes into each piece of clothing. My oldest daughter is going to get her first Barbie for her B-day in a few months so I plan on getting Modest Barbie clothing. Just wanted to share this neat new business. I really think my friend Amy is doing a great thing!

Thanks for reading.

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