Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Gift of Time

That is what my husband gave me for Mother's Day. Yesterday I finished an apron out of this yummy fabric below for my mom for Mother's Day. Also, I finally pulled out fabric and a pattern for my "Easter" outfit and decided it would be for Mother's day. I stayed up late Friday night sewing and cutting out fabric for both projects . Then on Saturday my hubby was great and helped watched the kiddos so I could finish my skirt and apron. It feels so good to check off a project on my long sewing list.

Yummy and Calorie-free!

My new skirt (finally, something for me, ahhh!!)

Up close.

I would like to reflect and share a couple of sewing lessons I learned and relearned.

Lesson 1: Those triangle notches that you are suppose cut outward from the pattern piece really mean something.

Lesson 2: Just because I've sewn a project once doesn't make me an expect. Read the directions over again just to be on the safe side. It saves you from unpicking.


I finally got pics of my girls in their Lydia Dress. We really should have taken the pics before church but there wasn't time. Our church starts at 9:00 and if you don't get there 30 minutes early, you end up on the fold-out chairs. Fold out chairs are no fun with kids so we really try to get there early. The girls weren't in the best of moods when we came home. I'm definitely posting bloopers later.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. OOohhh! These are breath-taking! I have GOT to get that pattern for the skirt you made yourself! You are one HOT momma!

  2. Hey way to go..... The girls dresses and your skirt are amazing. I am so glad you had time and made time for yourself.