Sunday, February 26, 2012

My own Make it do

I should have listened to my sister but I didn't! She warned me that once my kids went to school, their pants would fall apart due to being on the floor for carpet time and P.E. At the beginning of the school year I splurged and bought some jeans with embroidered hearts on the side for my daughter who started Kindergarten. They were $20 WITH Gymbucks!!! For me, it was just a few more dollars then I would have liked to spend on jeans but I couldn't resist the cute hearts and justified the purchase with, "Her sister will be able to wear them too so really it's only $10." Do you dig my way of thinking?? Half the year into school it finally happened. I hole in the knee.

I had to rescue these pants and make sure they would make do. So I used an idea from MADE and wah-la!!! That hole is gone and replaced with a stylish heart.

Had to even out the pants with a heart on the other knee which hopefully with prevent another hole. Now I'm crossing my fingers these pants will hold up for just one kid.

I learned my lesson not to buy $20 jeans for a kindergartner and foresee these pants becoming shorts.

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  1. Love your cute ideas! You did a great job making Angelina's jeans last a little longer!