Friday, January 27, 2012

Make IT DO

Remember the saying I mentioned recently, "Use it up, wear it out, MAKE IT DO, or do without"? Well, along with re-purposing this year, I want to MAKE IT DO. So I plan to have some posts on how I can MAKE things DO. It's a little different from re-purposing. A RE-Purpose is taking one thing that has a specific function and changing/using it as another function. A Make-it-do is taking one thing and using resources on hand to make it still function as it is meant to be used.

Here is a Make-it-do.

I had a friend ask if I could fix her girl's jacket. The collar got mangled up in the wash. Who wants to buy another jacket when El Paso's "winter" is almost over? Besides, the jacket seemed new so it deserved to be saved. I just put the seams back in and sewed on top to close it up. It looked very modge podge so I asked permission to embellish it which would also be a way to conceal the holes that were just patched up.

I took a piece of 4" width fabric by the length of the collar and pressed in half. Then opened it up and pressed each side in half towards the middle. It's like bias tape but I cheated and didn't cut on the bias.

Then I pinned it over the collar, half the fabric on each side and sewed on top.

Hope it lasts through many more washes.

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