Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here are my Work In Progress Projects (W.I.P.P.).

The squares for Quilt 1

Can you see the pinwheel? Hope so.

Squares for Quilt 2

My house is clean, woo-hoo!!! That is why I haven't been sewing much. Also, my daughter and I got sick again. There is a mean yucky bug out there so watch out!!! It takes forever to get rid of and apparently it can come back a week later.


  1. Those are amazing! Such dedication! Did you use a quilt pattern? So sorry you are still sick. I can't believe we didn't get it. Get better soon.

  2. No pattern, just got ideas from other quilts. The triangle square is the coolest. I will post a link on how to do it. Thanks for wishing me good health. Currently, everyone is healthy. Feels so good.