Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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It feels so good to report something. The weather is nice and my girls are wearing their Bella pants. I love these pants!!! It is perfect for spring, summer and fall. I have used this pattern several times and it is totally worth it. I even used the pattern to make pants out of fleece for the winter. So here are a few pics.

Here is dress 2 that I finally finished this past Saturday. My girls wore them this past Sunday but you know how it goes. We are rushing out the door so there is no time to "strike a pose" and then it quickly comes off as soon as we get home. They look much better when they are worn.

This pattern is called the Lydia Dress. This pattern is currently on sale for $8.50 till the end of April. It normally costs $10.00 so if you like it, get it. I will be honest, the sleeves were tricky for me. It takes a little patience. More blogging to come.

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  1. I love the Bella pants! I made some like that for Barbie once, but they didn't quite work out. The dresses are darling, too! I did a dress with overlapping petal sleeves once that almost killed me, so I know the battle that sleeves are. These look great! Hurrah for you!