Sunday, February 14, 2010

For the ladybugs of my life

Two black t-shirts from Wal-mart: $3.50 each

2 1/2 yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby: $12.00

Ribbon from Hobby Lobby: $2.00

Two happy girls: PricelessOkay, so you totally knew that was coming up. I decided this week to make a V-day outfit for my girls to wear to church. Because of this unplanned project I put off my other Valentine's project which hopefully I will post later this week.

Close up of the ladybugs.
NEXT-Some cupcake fun. My mom found these cupcake candles and cupcake cookie jar at Kohls. I absolutely love them!

The cupcake cookie jar.

A little cupcake love.
Thanks for reading. Remember to check my blog towards the end of the week. I am hoping to post a now belated Valentine's Day sewing project.

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  1. Dolores.....way cute. Your girls are so cute! Mary