Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Want one?

I'm going to be doing this backwards then planned. I'm starting my giveaway now and will post my tutorial after a winner is selected. I'm giving away one baby diaper/wipee holder. This is a nifty, fast project that is great for moms everywhere!! If you're babies are grown, these make great baby shower gifts and are an instant gratification project.

They hold two diapers and a Huggies wipe holder. It's just a nice way to keep those diapers and wipes together in that big bag of baby stuff and a discreet way to sneak out anyplace for a diaper change.

Want one? Leave a comment letting me know whether you want one for a boy or girl and ONE word that describes your summer. The giveaway will close Monday night (August 2nd).

My one word that describes my summer: FAST


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this item! I would jump up and down for a BOY one.

    One word to describe my summer is . . . Humid. I know that this is my 2nd Florida summer, but I cannot get use to the sticky, sweaty, heat. I miss the dry and intense El Paso summer sun.

  2. those are really cute...I would use a boy one if I were to get one...and my summer is FUN!!!!!