Sunday, March 7, 2010

How I learned to sew

I wanted to share a little on how I learned to sew. First, it started with having a baby girl. I made a baby sling. No pic. I used inexpensive fabric for my tester hoping I would make another one for keeps. I think it turned out fine. Funny thing. I was staying with my husband's grandma at the time and used her machine. It was my first time ever using a sewing machine. She spun a bobbin full of thread for me and when the thread ran out, I didn't know what to do. Embarassed to ask for help, I started winding thread around a bobbin by hand! Can you imagine?! Grandma came down the stairs and asked,"what are you doing?" Thankfully, she came to my rescue and I learned how to wind a bobbin of thread. So, I make this decent sling and come to find out my baby girl didn't like being in the sling so I didn't make another one for keeps one.
Then came a binky clip. My friend Amy helped me on this one. She figured out how to sew the ribbon to the suspender clips and then graciously let me borrowed her extra sewing machine so I could play around with it.
I received a diaper/wipee holder at my baby shower, studied it, and reproduced it. And then, the sewing bug bit me (Thanks Amy for loaning your machine!). My mother purchased a simple sewing machine for my B-day and I started to create! I made an Amy Butler diaper bag and several more diaper/wipee holders (since then, the pattern has improved). Then came my pillows with embroidery, table runners with embroidery, and now skirts and dresses for my girls. I owe a lot of my sewing skills to Pink Fig Patterns. You have to check her blog and etsy shop. I love her style and her patterns are easy to read and I love the end result. I love that there are no zippers involved. I heart elastic and shirring!!! I highly recommend these patterns and plan to blog more about them in future posts.
Well, it has been a fun sewing journey that really has just begun. I look forward to many years of projects and sewing. I hope you do too! Don't be afraid, try it! It is so much fun.


  1. That diaper/wipey bag you showed me has become an irreplaceable part of my sewing repertoire! I make them for everyone! And, you inspired me to make a baby sling for my baby, and she STILL loves to ride around in it at 13 months old! I am so glad we could inspire each other!